s, or properly educate their children, spoil the child, as the child killed, such a thing, Mom you are so smart, you’re so clever Zhao Di, certainly not dry!”

  Bookstore had just become popular success of all kinds of articles on educational philosophy, and finally into the face of all kinds of families, similar to what was twelve years old girl Harvard like the article, great market, Pei Naochun a lo北京夜网ok to, apart from anything else you buy a home, repeated mantra: “you look at the people, from small children to temper justice in a proper way, neither too loose nor too tight, and finally on the Harvard!”
  In short, in the comprehension can be fooled over and over the disciples of brainwashing specialist Pei Naochun, successfully similar ideas, and forcibly instilled into the Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi of the brain, they unswervingly implement the guidance they took Pei Naochun Education road – do not bother again spoil Peizai Hao, can not be over-indulgent, and only moderately stringent, in order for him to become, Pei Zaihao last generation to enjoy the full range of treatment LeBron naturally completely disappeared.
  ”I.”Pei Zaihao very tangled, looked on helplessly back and fridge, and finally ruthless determination,” I’m going 杭州桑拿to eat my sister, my sister can go to school tired!”He made a decision, we do not look at the refrigerator, for fear that they have been tempted.
  ”We really sensible Zihao.”Pei Naochun heard that, he hugged his son, then took advantage of the opportunity a milk sugar from his pocket, the family is no candy, two children for fear of tooth decay,” Come on, give you eat.”Every time his son did the right thing, he will boast a boast, and gave some small reward From time to time the.
  At least so far, the child did not show that point selfish idea of past lives, but rather attaches great importance to his sister – occasionally even rivalry up, even their own grandmother jealous.
  Peizai Hao hesitated, caught in the palm of candy, and took out: “D