Of course, this life Pei Naochun never let such a tragedy from happening agai苏州桑拿网n.

  ”Zihao, and my father came back today, special areas small cake box.”When it comes to dessert, son of eyes full of light, Pei Naochun just went down,” but the head of the store are sold out, I just buy a box, my sister and you liked to eat, should give who is going to eat?”
  Ever since Peizi Hao sensible start, like this encouragement, criticism and education have been ten thousand once the child is a white paper, unless born antisocial personality, mental illness, most of them can accept the correct guidance of parents, in this life, Pei Naochun can be taught to the child is learning how to give, to share, to give gratitude of others, we must also cherish his sister.
  He once again instill his son in order to prevent and Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi some wrong idea, done very absolutely, he has bought a bunch of DVD’s, books array苏州桑拿网ed home, they began performing at home from time to time –
  ”Gee, Mom, Zhao Di, you hear this news.”He sat on the sofa, shake their heads,” since only one child, each parent their children to holding in her hand, and raised a bunch of little emperors, you look, you can see it?In order to give a child fed, turns out a family of five, children should be raised waste, they are powerless to change the future!”
  ”I heard a news in the field, there is a small young, childhood is the family treasure, parents pay every day, you know, grow up, find a job, infected with a gambling debt, actually secretly sold the family house, you He said hard birth to a child, did not keep a good, really better to keep a pork.”
  At that time on television, especially popular kinds of costume, the Republic of drama, like what about the rich family life, the rise and fall of the shop, turns on television, Pei Naochun Every time I looked, it is necessary to guide the country: “You say that Lu pawn shop, and if not so little bastard, which will decline?It seems to do much of the family busines