e of minimum miscible son, he looked Ruan Guohua, a little impatient, “Dad, you put the milk gas ran, I could not even have enough to eat!”

  Nguyen Quoc-year old head would be no place to put it, hearing this, holding a bowl going to hit Ruan Zhiliang, a bowl to want a third of the money, he thought and put it back, put chopsticks throwing in the past, “roller!”
  Ai-Chi This somewhat ignorant, how it developed into the case??
  Zhao Xiaoling is the gas ah!Her nest gas chest pain, always thought father was a clever, in the end, not as clever stupid mother!
  T南宁夜网oday, the three-bedroom offended died, expect them to ward throughout the year can eat all the meat back on a good.
  Fannie and Freddie who’d nothing reaction, ROCKETS eating, honest to clear the table.
  Alone, they Nguyen rain this room, little was being knocked unconscious feelings, then you can eat alone fire??
  His father brought back meat, you can be left to themselves to eat??
  Really happy to too sudden!!!
  Do not blame the low three-bedroom requirements, but never thought this day would, when Nguyen Bao roots in the Old Testament is that Ruan made this life can not be split, if the root Bao Nguyen still alive, we had bad , does have a possible points.
  But now people have become martyrs, long buried, he said, as if the children do not listen, and that is a big no filial piety, it is to be the whole village of people backbite.
  Ruan three bedrooms of people looked at each other, Nguyen rain Cuisheng students, said: “Dad, I want to eat tomorrow Jiang Zhouzi!”Her words of a fall, the others on the table, have pricked up his ears.
  Ruan Guohua raised his eyebrows, waved his hand, “to, tomorrow dad to buy you a Jiang Zhouzi, buy half a catty pean北京夜网ut candy!”He just got his hand vote, but only half a catty, or precious peanut candy, Ruan Guohua is really reluctant to buy back, to everybody points ah!This points rice, regardless of family, really really good idea!
  For the three bedrooms, the former reluctant, are