ve to support, is not e苏州桑拿网nough, have You see there is no intention to operate.

  Shen Xiao emerged from the elevator came, his mouth gently humming a song, and I feel very good, Du assistant seeing this, the heart relax, the recent period of time, the boss mood has been good, they work together, there is no pressure so much.
  May Shen Xiao entered the office, the first thing is to ask Lai things, which makes just relax Du assistant, in an instant they feel the knife hanging on the forehead, at any time to drop down.
  ”Out of this thing, there are going to react Lai?”Shen Xiao took off his jacket, then relax and sit boss chair, eyes staring straight DU assistant.
  After two people cooperation, Chen Shi Lai to provide support for some products, but two days ago, when Shen’s acceptance of the product, Lai found many products fail, the matter will soon be reported 杭州桑拿to Shen Xiao, Shen Xiao know, furious , immediately call for Liyuan Hui, the man scolded discredited by a few, and finally ensuring Liyuan Hui, the only answer reluctantly agreed to give them time to thoroughly investigate this matter.
  In fact, this matter is not so simple on the surface, Lai Shen’s throw t天津夜网o go it alone, Mr Lai also will not stand still, skip Shen’s been in touch with SCD over there, is actively seeking SCD trust, it is Shen’s wish to take and replaced.
  Shen Xiao naturally will not allow this to happen, on the means of intrigue, he is also a leader, but they were tricks, Lai products directly to the problem that he is followed by a thunder wrath of drama, there Lai natural disarray.
  Du assistant, said: “They are held accountable, to find out what goes wrong, and then check it is estimated people before we sent, and also checked out.”
  Shen Xiao frown, “can find out what to do?You were not looking for a few smart points?”
  Du assistant said: “Yes, people are sent to carefully selected, reliable service.”
  ”That’s not on the line.”Shen Xiao sneer.
  Du looked at his assistant reveals a murderous