He felt the Soviet Union pour surprise, then, it is tell the taste.
  Think they do not know who to ask out of the sound: “to give you money to be like to kill you, do not give money to pour into this happy.”
  Su pour see him for a while, suddenly asked: “You and Jia three friends do count?”
  Ye qin北京夜网 slender hands casually playing with navy blue pen in his eyes, almost cold indifference: “That’s my dog raised.”
  Tilting towards the Soviet Union he laughed: “You give him a knot wages do?”
  Suddenly leaves skullcap over here, the Soviet Union pour frankly welcome the attention of the Road.
  He caught her eyes are full, the pick of the almond shape, dark and bright pupil, is the top grade pearl, soft and moist cited, but not haughty, should treasure box appropriateness of income, so as not to let the secular glimpse.
  If jade, must be the Warm Jade, there lived a core soul, was in the chest with a day.
  He hit a whistle, Jia three really like a puppy blah ran over, bent down and put his back up.He crossed the Soviet Union pour around, Su dipping normal Chuaizhe book stand.
  Ye skullcap lowered her eyes, coldly asked dismissiv北京体验网ely: “Carefully pick.”

Chapter 9 bird board branch (six)
  Su Yang poured for the first time to the second floor to the jewelry shop.
  Upstairs is very bright, Yanglao wearing small round sunglasses, build gray beard, smoking a pipe sat in the street in front of the jewelry cabinet.Streaks of sunlight slanting into the fall counter.
  Su dumping looked straight ahead and saw his tobacco carelessly fall on the glass case, there were still traces of glue on the original large dry clean counter.
  She suddenly a little distracted.
  Young old man smoking pit fighting, sunglasses tablets in the eyes could not help looking at dumping the Soviet Union, and moved to the table was a shining bright silver on.
  His year or 73 early is a spoiled rich kid, only to do business in the future by spending family wealth.Fortunately, he knows jade北京体验网 jewelry, see the visi