amed, clutching his ass Xiaohe.

  ”If you want my sister and grandmother?”
  ”If you want!”Pei Zaihao particularly loud voice, and his favorite sister together, since my sister to school, the more the bad guy and his sister grab!Only to come home, he can rely on the sister does not go.
  Pei Naochun a little fool will hold up in the memory of the original body, not to Peizai Hao Pei Xiaoping no fe南宁桑拿论坛elings, but he used to have, get used to it and do not understand what understanding, gratitude others, all the people around him are subtly telling him, you do not have to feel guilty for everything you own, you are the only son of the family, whether parents, grandmother, sister, should be exhausting for you, give everything.
  Then, finished.
  Even in school, in society, Pei Zaihao are regarded as a good man, but once to the house, he became the personal man surrounded by little master, regardless of lack anything, as long as you can easily reach.
  In fact, whenever he snack, many ask my sister two, will find what he occasionally raised the requirements to buy things, is to my sister live frugally to achieve; as long as he opened his eyes to see, you can see, my mother did not know where to pull out of the high bride price,南宁桑拿论坛 the number is not able to save her family out, no one can ever taught, or asked him to have done these, he just held out his hand, he will be able to have this world.
  In the original body memory, after the death of her daughter, even this son tortured, things always have to face the worst outcome, someone will wake up, regret, obviously when Pei Xiaoping passed away, her family broke our hearts, two like the old hole in the teens, do Peizai Hao brother was almost depression, it can be less than three years after the death of Pei Xiaoping, which shijiazi began to make Peizai Hao’s wife gave birth to a second child toss up.
  They are bad people do?In fact it is not considered, but one by one they stepped on the blood, manufacturing blood, which sunk again.