one step, buy a set of small duplex, two floors up and down altogether, a total of five rooms, one set up to study, in addition to the four bedrooms are like family.

  House, everywhere traces the family together, one into the hall, then hung family portrait on the wall, which is specially studio to shoot, and use the studio later shed the wind rarely used long shot, is behind scenery cloth, a fake prairie landscape, but in this age, is not unobtrusive, 都市体验网location in the middle of which stood a white bench, sitting in the middle, is the Wu Guizhi, specifically the point of makeup, dress festive around on both sides of the baby is her baby grandson and granddaughter, who is two studio is just that, her hand holding accessories, Pei Xiaoping hands is a circular fan for shooting small cheongsam, small tunic, size , with a spike; Peizai Hao is a fake gun in hand, standing behind Pei Naochun, Tangzhao Di couple at Pei Naochun’s insistence, the two men wearing makeup is very simple.
  Photographs, most dignitaries shift not opening the eyes, makeup or two children, Pei Zaihao wore a big red lips, the position of the middle of the forehead color is lit with red dots;, it is eye-catching green eyes on Pei Xiaoping, mix and match blue eye shadow, blush heavy, large pink lipstick election.
  Pei Naochun looking at photos, nodded his head, and my heart could not help but laugh, though it seems in the eyes of future generations, this picture some “black history”, but this also marks of the times, you know, be able to take such a jacket photo after a very memorable, he was looking forward to the fu上海夜网ture and so when her daughter married, to be in the wedding scene, showing this exceptionally cute pictures.
  ”Dad, sister and grandmother how not come back ah!”Pei Zaihao just still watching TV, suddenly climbs up from the carpet, a hit father’s lap, staggered two steps back, get back on a butt-situ, meal operate fierce as a tiger, a look at the record did not change, he does not feel ash