does not have to because he is a daughter of parents guilt, he苏州夜网r parents love can give care, money, never less than his brother; although she is a woman, she would not necessarily consider themselves worse than men.

  ”But how uncomfortable it?I’m getting very.”Li tai hand stuck in the pocket, Zhuangruo unintentionally,” You see, I earn a year, ten times more than my brothe深圳桑拿r, my father and mother If I had not, it is estimated age had worked in the fields, although the skin Xiaoyu, but very cute, the factory yard and down several hundred people, all know me, a village more than our people, so how unhappy it?”She obviously spoke easily, but look very sad.
  ”Will be fine, everything will be OK.”Tangzhao Di mouth twitched, a smile coax people look but also full of confusion, it will be good?She and Lee Laidi, like, like my heart had a huge wound, although healed, but that scar will fade, never disappear.
  ”fortunately.”Tangzhao Di muttered camel opening.
  ”Fortunately, what?”
  ”Fortunately, we both did not let Xiao-ping and Xiaoyu, we become another.”Tangzhao Di smiled and spoke up, although she wake up a little late, better not be too late, every time she saw her daughter straight backs, happily dancing 北京体验网at home, singing, I felt happy, happy, How fortunate she did not like her, suppressed rest of my life, has been in “atonement”.
  Li tai laughed: “Yes ah.”
  She was very happy to be the guardian of his daughter to live, even if her hapless mother, a child found a bastard father, can also be right, when the break is broken, even if not the man, she can take care of her children Princess..Ah, the prince also, think that dermoid LI Xiao-yu, Li tai on the helpless, the child, do not know who learn.
  Two years ago, Pei family begins with small rented homes moved to this, this year prices have not started up, buy a house much cheaper than later, but involves the issue of a class of school districts, will specifically pick Pei Naochun pick pick, waited for quite some time, in