How to avoid being cheated Investment?American financial professionals advice given seven

Tencent Securities News CNBC column published introduce seven major investment to avoid being cheated, to remind people to guard against that promise high rates of return on financial products。 Many investors spend more time on research next vacation where to go above, rather than on whom to make their financial professionals。
According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the past five years, complaints about fraud increased by 60%。
Senior Vice President Regulatory Authority (FinancialIndustryRegulatoryAuthority) responsible for Investor Education Jerry – Walsh (GerriWalsh) said: "The terrible truth is that these scam lies and deception。 "Regulators believe that investors should take precautions to seize these crooks。 First, do a background check before you started working with financial professionals, first check their registration records to confirm that they are licensed, they did not raise any serious customer complaints。 Your options include an agent check the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FinancialIndustryRegulatoryAuthority) provided; investment adviser with the SEC public disclosure; or your state securities administrator。
Investor Education and Communication Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission a reminder, if you can not search for a professional financial people, then you should seriously consider again collaborated with him either。 "If someone says to ensure to provide you with a high rate of return, that is standing in front of you may be a liar," the Securities and Exchange Commission Owen Donley said, "We found that most retail fraud are those who are not registered in the formal institutions people do。 These people do not license the sale of various unregistered financial products。
"" You should also check these records on a regular basis to ensure their professional standards。 If you've been dealing with this person for some time, you can secretly pay attention to this person。
"The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said Walsh。
Walsh said that not all the information that appears on the professional or company records are dangerous, but you should pay attention to observe start from here。 Second, to understand your investment money in the end what you should be wary of overly complex investment。
"If retail investors do not understand these investments, they should not follow the trend of this opportunity," the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office of Investor Education and publicity chief legal adviser Owen – Donley (OwenDonley) represents。 Third, be careful all the information about the investments that might emptied your wallet programs, such as by submitting to the SEC documents should be readily available。
Donley said that if a financial investment professionals willing to provide documents, it is a "great danger signal"。
Fourth, find out how they profit must ask some questions, including "how do I pay you" and "how do you get paid," says Walsh。 The answer may include commissions or fees, but there may be some other payment methods, such as sales contests or the company's proprietary products。 Walsh said, you can use this information to assess whether the company fits your risk and liquidity needs。
Five, regularly check your statements monthly report should show that you have done any transaction, including the amount。 Walsh said: "Especially in a market downturn, look at their statements might be frustrating。
But you must pay close attention to this matter。 "If you see some things that you did not authorize, you should call your broker, send a written complaint to the company。
You should also notify the appropriate securities regulatory authorities。 Walsh suggested that investors should also regularly check their holdings, in order to determine the price consistent with their statement。 Six high-pressure sales tactics alert if a promise sounds too good to be true, it is likely to be a problem。 This applies especially to ask you to take immediate action, or ask too much of your success rate proposal。
"If someone gives you the guarantee of high returns, they will lie," Donley said, "is probably a liar in front of you。 "Sales advertising would have you believe this product is only for a limited time sale, or limited to a special group of people to buy, it should also be a danger signal。 You have to be alert to any information provided free services, such as providing educational seminars for lunch, or is giving away trinkets mail, which will make you more likely to respond。
"You tend to believe this man," Walsh said。
"We often say that there is no free lunch, not to say that others provide free opportunities, you must go to make up this cheap。
"Seven, before you understand this product Wujin wallet if you have any questions about an investment, you need to re-invest in a good confirmation。
"These people are spending money like water, even if you have been staring at them, you will sometimes money after bad。
"Donley said。 (Wind-driven)。