hat happened, but to listen to Dad, Mom in a bad mood, they also is spoiled again to kiss and tell, my mother said something best, we believe that words like mom.

  Too, this does not have to last on, so it was Tangzhao Di rack position of 广州桑拿baby products factory boss.
  This is more than three years, Tangzhao Di developing very fast, in order to be able to read those reports, together with her mother and also reported the evening, not too much stuff to learn, literacy can at least see the file, not a problem, now go out, outside of people have always called her loudly Tang.
  ”Do not know Xiaoping and Xiaoyu astray behaved today, afraid to put a summer vacation to the heart to put wild.”Lee smiled and said Laidi, the same misfortune happened to her a lot, four years ago, she and her husband formally divorced, the reason is very simple, he says it will do the husband is a man, and a woman outside of a son, Lee Laidi a discovery, then directly choose a divorce, there is no hesitation, holds many lessons is alone with her daughter.
  Just divorced, she was very painful, day by day watching her daughter may Shale up, run free, wild was not, she finally confirmed that she made the right decision.
  ”What could it, Xiao-ping and Xiaoyu good way to go.”Tangzhao Di signing the last word, she can not deal with affairs will keep, so that the two managers to recommend, if then can not dec深圳桑拿网ide, you take home to deal with her husband.
  ”Good is your home Xiao-ping.”Li tai bluntly rolled his eyes, they know their own daughter, her family Xiaoyu, just like a tomboy, climbing every day, jump low, scared her into a cold sweat,” Yes, you do not return this year to return home?I have to go back, my aging mother said he was not feeling well, it is estimated is blind to catch me back, anyway, time to give money to her on the right.”
  Speaking of home, Tangzhao Di eyes of some far this year, they went back to the family altogether once in the first year, and later a busy factory acquisition, ma