short-sleeve shirt, forehead bangs looked random, but Also like carefully combed, behind ponytail tied back, and tied a strip of yellow dots ribbon, make a bow look, then lining the white color, any who are watching think i北京夜网t is a good-looking, pleasant child pain.

  ”How can you was particularly cute!”Pei Xiaoping Zuitian grow too small, everyone that boast, she reached out and touched Stephanie’s hair, the hair is not attached to each other valuables head of hair, with a bit fluffy, like a walking small mushroom,” You see you hair, especially neat, like yesterday, I look at that and grandmother Sister Jiang drama inside it!”
  ”How can.”LI Xiao-yu embarrassed touched his head,” Xiao-ping, your hair is your grandmother helped tie it?My mother particularly bad, he said he wanted me to be a new hair cut at home, what gave me the light.”
  She said it casually, in fact, last night at home piercing rolling to a good cry, my mother and she said that their craft well, took her to the bathroom to wash his head pressing, heartless as she simply no seriously, until th广州桑拿网e hair cut hair, pushed to the top of the mirror dry, realized that this was simply an accident scene, even the corners are not peace together, to see her mother crying badly, like also guilty , and said to help her trim level, then.More repair short, the more the shorter repair.
  Xiaoping door in the morning to call her go to school, she tears down the block, for fear of her jokes are even Xiaoping.
  Pei Xiaoping followed thought, hands touch the bag in a drawer for a while, and soon found two pairs of small issuers, strawberry shape, looks very cute, she carefully opened to help the other to the head Xiaoyu, has opened a pencil box, let Xiaoyu mirror to see myself: “Xiaoyu not uncomfortable, you can look good with this.”
  ”Look good?”LI Xiao-yu looked at herself in the mirror, smiling innocently.
  ”good looking.”Happy to see friends, 南宁桑拿also followed Pei Xiaoping laughed, two did not like little face very close, wit