od three-bedroom, three-bedroom body but also from close scrape a layer of skin down!”

  Nguyen Quoc-year old head of the white blue, white and green, Zhou Xiuying you did not see, crackling, “Starting today, 北京夜网we old Ruan points, regardless of family meals, the future of each room made each room to eat, with the youngest things back, feed the dog, do not feed your group of White Wolf!”
  ”mother!Year old Ruan father’s last words but not in this life of separation!”Nguyen Quoc in disbelief.
  Zhou Xiuying sneer, “You listen to my words do not come out?I said, regardless of family meals division??Where is contrary to my last words of the Father?”
  Nguyen Quoc years but also what to say!
  Zhou Xiuying was a slap in the face call in the past, she saw Ruan Zhiliang still face push lightly into his mouth, is a burst of anger, whipped the look, left the table less than half the pot of sauerkraut fried minced meat to end up, “milk, What are you doing?”Ruan Zhiliang chopsticks into the half, poked the desktop, he watched helplessly being away 苏州桑拿网Zhou Xiuying end pickled Roumo.
  ”I went to feed the dog, do not give you these supercilious look wolf to eat!”Do not get angry, really Zhou Xiuying temper when she changed for the better ah!
  Do not look at his own son and grandson pro, anxious to provoke, a not recognize her, his mother a fairy plate board, this boss with a quasi-KAN-old man dead, stupid and poison, no wonder so many years, only can become an accountant, even a captain is not all mixed up.
  Only the youngest and fourth of like her, think of the fourth of ZhouXiuying heart winter pen knife burst just as bad, do not know the fourth of whom are still alive no.
  Ruan Zhiming good long while before come to understand that he was hurt, he Ganhao, “milk, I did not eat it!”
  Zhou Xiuying went to the door of a voice shouted back, “go find your dad!”The boss is not resistant to it?
  Ruan Zhiliang like most of the Ai-Chi, eat and loves to play, which is known far and near the villag