,” I’ll go shoe thing!Do not get angry grandmother.”

  Wu Guizhi which are willing to really angry, holding a small slipper has come, throw the floor and cried, Pei Xiaoping obediently stepped up, and just did not see the barefoot style.
  ”Go.”Tangzhao Di softly just authentic.
  ”Well, I’ll go.”She stepped slippers, walking on the road quite loud, quickly jump back to his little bed, afraid of dirty linen, two little feet have been exposed on the outside, only see the body straight thump.
  ”Xiao-ping to town, pretty much raise a raise, right, Zhao Di?”Wu Guizhi Look minor preserved eggs the way, into a soft-hearted, opening sidewalk.
  ”Yes, pretty much.”Tangzhao Di answer, back to the door, I do not know what busy, 南宁夜生活网in fact, this table meals, has long been done by now, no matter how busy she was, but she was now some sand lost eyes, like a blink recoil tears down.
  ”Mom, I changed Well, you look this good or bad.”Not for a while, using a quick change Dafa Pei Xiaoping will come back, and she stepped in front of the pleasant around in circles, looking skirt flying, did not fear his own turn dizzy.
  ”This is also good-looking.”Tangzhao Di has returned to normal, she smiled back, gentle look.

The first 81 chapters of a patriarchal (13)?(fifteen)
  Withered leaves will sprout again, the setting sun will arise, then they will with time these changes day by day in the past, quietly.
  Small City First Central Primary School, is the largest elementary school, the original body is a school between the Republic of China, after several transformation, continues to this day, a large area of primary school, facilities, excellent faculty, the only thing to parents worried, that the door is narrow lanes, their brains are not open to, only to seize the early parking, walking to the inside, occupied the front row to his own children.
  School classrooms are not quiet, pupils early 杭州夜网论坛hours, all energetic, ten minutes of the classroom can become out of flowers, and even went to the playgroun