To interest and understanding, so users can finally be sure that she is really loving discipline.

  The first episode aired, although we did not knock fairy?Of sugar, but Sheng Joe performance inside and pull a wave of powder.Multiply broadcast, time division Xuan know how vulnerable slander, even if there was no footage of kidnapping a series of things, until the program was broadcast, Sheng Joe can wash grievances.
  Users have lamented, rumors could not believe, after really can not be one with the rhythm of a casual black Sheng Joe.
  But still run around in two crew busy filming Sheng Joe, every few days received a cordial greeting from fans – FCL physics papers.
  Sheng Joe microblogging on-line friends, Sheng Qiao Fabo friends.
  - Sheng Joe had my physical make up, really do not give me to buy a physical examination paper, begging you.
  She recently too busy, learning tasks are set aside to ensure that examination paper to do a day on the same subject.For the first few months of physical conflict played a role in learning these days to do the examination paper can achieve very seventy-eight.
  Jane Ding said excitedly, “If you give your fans can buy papers are done, will be out of!”
  Sheng Qiaosheng no love glanced at the high mountains of the box, Yoshimasa words refused.
  A week later, “the world is so big,” the second phase of the broadcast, the long-awaited Zhao Yu finally on the line,