What he ostentatious.”

  Su Yuan Miaole Yan hands that section eight kt diamond ring flash blind people eye, said: “I think too much.”She used to low-key, especially in this wedding ring to eight digits, think about the heartache.
  ”What time do the wedding?”
  ”At the end of it.”
  Gujiu An “Oh,” a sound mind some small loss, then do not know what thought, eyes glistened with malicious look: “Yes, I recently know one thing, I do not know whether or not to tell you.”
  ”What ah?”
  ”Do you know who the president is really happy right edge?”
  Su Yuan thought, said: “very mysterious, is said to be a cold when the man called the summer, but I have not seen him, listening to people say that oak is the big boss, is the titular take into.”
  ”What summer when cold, will fool you silly girl.”Gujiu An scoffed and said:” I tell you, when the summer is cold raw cold Fu.”
  ”Stupid it.”
  ”How did you know?”
  ”You do not control how I know, there is always my channel, it is true that you go back and ask Fu is poor and not on the line.”
  Su Yuan secretly bite, Fu raw cold in the end there are many things without telling her!!!
  Wait until the end of the awards ceremony, welcomed Su Yuan, Kim took home