After the 25-year-old woman problem it should be noted

6 major issues before the woman should pay attention to the age of 25, women over 25 years of age once the remedial effect there would be so good。
First, the information shows that breast cancer, breast cancer has risen for the first woman to become the number one killer of threat to women's health。
The majority of patients at the time of bathing and dressing themselves or feel of the breast, accidentally discovered a lump on one side, a small number of units of the medical examiner is found。
Generally, an irregular shape of malignant tumors, the boundary is not clear, limited mobility, the surface is not smooth, but on the contrary benign。
These tumors start small and slowly grow up。
When the breast skin was orange peel-like change or dimple-like appearance, the disease to the late show。 Coping method, avoid using hot water bath to stimulate the breast, not a long soak in hot water。 The best sleeping position to supine, so as not to compress the breast sideways。
Selected so as not to breast cup preferably oppressive。 2, moderate eating fish, meat and dairy products may increase a small amount of fat, breast supply adequate nutrition to keep it plump。 3, pay special attention to breast health special stage of the menstrual period, pregnancy, etc., in order to ride out troubled times。 4,20-39-year-old woman, do a monthly breast self, do a breast examination every three years (women over 35 years old do a basic breast X-ray)。
Self-examination is the best time: 9-11 days after the monthly menstrual cramps, because the breasts relatively soft, easy-to-find lesions。 When breast self, should be guided by Dr. Fang Fa, so as not to be mistaken for normal breast tissue mass, causing unnecessary panic。 Second, the face with age, female hormonal changes, skin metabolism cycle slows, collagen and elastic fibers inside elasticity and toughness lower, the formation of fine lines and wrinkles we see。
And because the skin metabolism is slow, some of the toxins can not rule out the inside of the skin caused by the acne and pimples, inflammation of hair follicles in fact, this is a phenomenon due to gathered oil by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles, thickening of the cuticle of the hair follicle, narrowing hair follicles, the secretion of late affecting the normal excretion of oil, causing a variety of symptoms。 Our approach 1, diet: pay attention to eat some more collagen-containing foods, such as edible skin food。 Dysfunction should eat more protein, vitamin é and other food, to improve gastrointestinal and liver。
And pay attention to less smoking, drinking, eating fried pickles。
2, daily life, pay attention to sun, to maintain adequate sleep, use a mild professional skin care products, it is necessary to relax and feel self-regulation。
Amount of vitamin B, can play a role in soothing the nervous system。 Third, osteoporosis statistics show that 30,000 people nationwide femoral fractures each year, of which twenty percent of patients will die, the main reason is due to osteoporosis。 Experts in the crowd suffering from osteoporosis, women are more likely than men。 Do not wait until old age to go to the prevention of osteoporosis, about 25-year-old young women need to pay attention to the prevention of osteoporosis。 Coping method, the best way to treat osteoporosis is to prevent it from happening。
Some people think that the bones hurt does not itch, does not suffer from osteoporosis, which makes many people thus delaying the best time for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis。
Therefore, women in their daily lives to pay attention to the following aspects: First, calcium intake is important。 In their daily lives to pay attention to a balanced diet, food intake should pay attention to high calcium low-fat, high-calcium foods: milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables, soybeans, etc.。 2, prevention care, in normal life should pay attention to the removal of avoidable risk factors such as smoking, alcoholism, endocrine diseases。 3, on weekdays to maintain the right amount of aerobic exercise, walking, hiking, walking, swimming is good exercise, but also to maintain a certain amount of exercise。 Especially the Office of the white-collar family, pay more attention to more light, while intense work, we must find time activity physical activity, in general, should adhere to 2-3 times a week sports。