The rich, how to become an old acquaintance white leaf?

  ”That one.Two bosses, let’s just say the thing?”
  Emile small things will quickly tell his father, after listening to the Emir, it does not matter waved.
  ”This small thing, does not matter, so be it, buy it to give Yip.”
  White leaves lightly, “No, the heart of Mo Yu Group and the industry is my friend, you put Cao industrial Come buy, they are very profitable.”
  ”Well, go and buy all the shares Cao then gave Mr Yip.”
  And regardless of whether the refusal leaves white, anyway, this tyrant father and son have decided that one percent of the shares in order to qualify for Mo, compulsory acquisition of all the shares Cao.
  Cao Xiu suddenly slumped on the floor, his face pale, as if from the clouds fell into the same among Hantan.
  Ups and downs of life, so fast.
  After react, Cao Xiu meal in the office piercing scream Sapo, but unfortunately, Mo Yu heart is not a vegetarian security men, gave neat and quick throw out.
  With white leaf leave each other a bit Information, Emir and his son also left in a hurry, though