He looks good mood, with the input contact name extraordinarily long time, a long long time to micro Sim could not scrape together the past glanced at his screen.

  He gave her remarks are slightly.
  Friendship with her little man, are so called her, she should have got used to this name, so he can see the notes, she could not help a little embarrassed, slightly blushing head aside, and then enter the phone to his remarks.
  Little brother next door.
  Losers immediately turn off the phone, inexplicable feeling a little guilty conscience.
  Evening, telephoned Mr. Shen Xing evening daily, is the message she told Mr. Shen, said her evening out with today, and Xing, Mr. Shen waited a day of mixed feelings, finally hope to keep her home, I can not wait to know Xing evening today did what.
  Xin micro long lay it to say things over and over, such a trivial thing, Mr. Shen rarely listen to with relish, that twilight Xing buy a cake and bought a new phone, voice about overstating.
  ”Incredible, incredible, he actually bought the phone, and had the bases.Well, “almost accidentally slip of the tongue, Mr. Shen timely control myself, a few Qing Ke said,” He do not have cell phones, computers,