Do not stick to him, at the moment the two had estimated popular hot drink of play very happy, and I have long been thrown into oblivion.”

  Lin-sheng heard laughing, adoption of a boy with congenital cleft lip and palate to the ignorant and Pengchen Yu seven years ago to an orphanage, after surgery, healthy growth in the circle is not a secret, the boy, a family of three have been nice very happy, this is one of the reasons I’m particularly fond of their raw Fufu, I feel especially warm.
  ”What is it so much fun to talk?All the way to hear your laughter.”Suddenly, a hearty male voice broke in, look for a stiff surface of the forest life, has taken the lead up to the ignorant, students also had to follow the forest stand up.
  Zhou Yi Lan’s neck hung on a headset, wearing a jacket with rivets punk appeared very ignorant towards politely greeting:
  ”The teacher, you better come early.”
  To have heard of Zhou Yi Mei Lan rescue deeds, as well as a good reputation over the years in the circle, very good impression on the boy, smiling respond.
  Zhou Yi Lan and he talked for two, this look to forest health, in particular under the hammer conversational Lin-sheng shoulder, “Sang Sang, long time no see ah.”
  Forest health heart meal, Zhou Yi Lan come to the hospital to apologize that he did brush his face, he holds many lessons and she was so natural relative, really good acting.