Kai, we can according to performance artists, vote.”

  Turned around and pointed to the big screen, it is live video, “I will let the staff screenshot, screenshot above problem is the question to be answered artists.Please do not chat or Tucao I ah, to concentrate on questions to ask the object to ask the question, are clearly playing out.Open bar, children’s shoes, single test of your time to the years of hand speed!!”
  [Ha ha ha ha, I am a girl, do not practice hand speed]
  ”The girl you are wrong, because the girls will practice hand speed ah, or something candid and spike, how do you do ah?”
  [I go, ha ha ha ha ha ha, makes sense!!!!]
  [Come on, I have a lot of questions you can ask!!]
  [Is not to ask what will do ah?]
  ”Topic of privacy and violation of discipline, the artist will not answer.”
  [Dating situation can be considered cosmetic privacy right?]
  Lu seventy-one looked at their own artist, “this criterion privacy content, I handed over to my house artists, they said even considered, it can not answer.Of course, the same, you can not vote because they do not answer, it is fair.”
  [Very fair, support fairies!!]
  [If these people on stage after the fire, and that is the election we come out together, ah, ah think like excitement!!]
  [I have been so excited ah!!!]
  [Sprites Jurchen will play ah, 66666666