Hoon seem interested in investing in the electronics industry.

  This is definitely good news for Li Xuan.Hong Kong’s political turmoil next few years, real estate, finance and other industries is greatly affected, because the market and the manufacturing sector are on the outside, by the spread of small hand.
  If Li Xuan can go on the computer in recent years, attracting a number of real estate and hedge withdrawal of capital investment in the financial sector added to the electronics industry in the past, will undoubtedly further expand their influence, after all, he alone can not own one to hold up the entire electronics industry.
  ”Gentlemen, if available, we can go back to Hong Kong after the Oriental Institute is located in the vicinity of the large laboratory building to visit, many research institutes are transferable to industry colleagues in Hong Kong!”Li Xuan way to beat the Oriental Institute an ad.
  Li Xuan and before his brother’s transfer to digital pager technologies, Oriental Institute of the Walkman technology, while there is follow-up, but they do not prepare themselves to enter the industry.
  ”Li Sheng, what are you to give everyone the opportunity to make money ah, the God of Wealth Lee flotilla!”Wu Ying with a smile.
  He also belongs to the age of students in the generation, to accept new things faster rate than others, a think this Walkman project investment value.
  Li Xuan smiled, looking confused look and said to another person not far: “Zhong students, you are the chief members of the Executive Council and the Legislative Council, the Government support for the industry is very insufficient, you should help us more appeal appeal!For example, recently introduced the “Water Pollution Management Regulations”, restrictions on the industry would be too harsh.While I support environmental governance, but also take into account all aspects of