James 41 points victory over the Cavaliers tied the Warriors Curry expelled into the grab 7

  Knights from 1-3 behind to catch up, to tie the big score, the two sides back to the starting line。 LeBron – James almost triple-double, contributing 41 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds。 Carey – Owen scored 23 points, Tristan – Thompson 6 from 6, 15 points and 16 rebounds, JR- Smith 14 points, Kevin – Loew 7 points。
  Warriors start to mess up, unsuccessful comeback。
– Stephen Curry made 6 in the fourth quarter, and was ejected, the audience of 13 shots 6 three-pointers, scored 30 points, Craig – Thompson 25 points, Bradley Richmond – Green 8 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists。
Harrison – Barnes 8 vote total loss, without a point。
Off the bench Leandro – Barbosa 14 points。
    Last Warriors missed the opportunity to seal the victory, in the case of general Greene injured, they insisted only half。 James and Owen each scored 41 points, setting a record in NBA Finals history, the Knights grab a home again。
  Knight not satisfied just to grab a home, they also look forward to entering the tiebreak and won the championship。
After the opening, the Knights had begun tight defense, the first five minutes, and even the Warriors scoreless。
Warriors foul trouble, played only 1 minute 30 seconds, the team already had three fouls。
James and Owen succeeded again and again, they start to 8-0。
First section there are 6 minutes and 54 seconds, the Warriors only by the Green break layup, scored the audience for the first time。 After playing half of this section, Curry hit third, but he was soon blown under the second foul, but unfortunately, had to end rest。   After the Warriors chasing the score 7-13, after five minutes, only to hit a ball, inside and outside the flowering knights, wave of attacks hit 18-2, in this section there are seconds to 31-9 made 22-point advantage。
Andre Iguodala at the end of this section hit a ball, the Warriors 20 points behind。
  The first section had 11 points, the Warriors are the lowest of the season。 In finals history, more than 20 points behind the team has a 16-game losing streak, the last time in there behind team comeback in so many cases, the 2008 Celtics or the Lakers fourth war。   Warriors an opening to dig a pit。
Curry II to return to the field, frequently opening the third hit。
This section there are 5 minutes and 12 seconds, Curry hit three-pointers personal 4, after which Green layup, the Warriors will be chasing the score became 38-46。 Warriors have the opportunity to continue to close the gap, but thereafter Curry shot too hastily, away from the three-point line on the shot, failed to hit。 Knight continuous attack the basket, shot after a wave of 8-0 to 54-38 once again widen the gap。 Warriors nearly four minutes, not shooting, and Knight Deng Taiwan – Jones became Jones, one with 5 points conclude this section, the Cavaliers to 59-43 halftime。
  Curry first half 8 pointers from 4, scored 18 points, and Craig – Thompson pointers 0-6, only 7 points。
A total of 44 Warriors shot 13, hitting only%。   Knight 36 shots 20% hit rate, Owen continued on a hand, scored 20 points, James 14 points and six assists, while Tristan – Thompson has double-doubles, scored 11 points and 10 rebounds。
Since Loew foul trouble, the first half played only 2 minutes and 47 seconds, relying on free throws 1 point。   Smith hit the third, the Cavaliers to 6-0 to start the third quarter to lead 65-43。
This section played 1 minute 24 seconds, Curry on fourth foul, but still remain in the field。 After Loew also third succeeded, the Cavaliers to 70-46 lead with 24 points, Thompson finally hit a three-pointers, Green break layup, Curry after "three-point play" success, the Warriors scored nine points, the score chase into 55-70。 After the knight in turn expanding the advantage to 20 points or more, Thompson in the final 1 minute 31 seconds angry, he hit two consecutive three-pointers, then break layup, one with 8 points, chasing the score 71-80 Warriors。 This section concludes Knight 3 minutes and 20 seconds without a point。   Less than 2 minutes to play the fourth quarter, James scored four points, the individual has scored 28 points, scoring in finals history, a battle beyond the two, ranked No. 7。
Although he was extremely brave, warrior has continued to fight back, the game there are 8 minutes 06 seconds, Barbosa hit three-pointers, the Warriors only to 79-86 behind。
James continuous succeeded, one arranged Knight 10 points before the holiday, they re-opened the gap to 90-79。
  Curry 5 fouls, but the Warriors have no escape route, he remained on the court。
James controlled the situation in the field, not only the score but also his teammates, sent two consecutive alley-oop, the Cavaliers to 99-86 to expand the。   Competition also 4 minutes 22 seconds, blown Curry 6 fouls。 He protested Shihai was blowing a technical foul, was ejected。
Knight's playing along, Smith-thirds vote, and Craig – Thompson is blown offensive foul。 James hit two free throws, the game 2 minutes 59 seconds, his third hit, leading the Cavaliers to a 108-88 20 points to seal the victory。
  After two days of rest, the two teams will be held on the 20th in the Warriors home a life and death。 (Angkor)。