Thing, if he told Qin Bo, that nature do not have to open the mouth; if he did not say.It must also have a reason he did not say.

  In case of Zhou Yu was thinking, maybe it can properly solve it?Maybe I want to be just too much?After the kidnapping, etc. to solve, if.The results are not satisfactory, then she told Bo Qin bar.
  Because of changes in the identity of the victim, the case of Zhou Yu did not leave as planned initially, but the special investigation team and who applied for assistance.
  Zhou Yu Although the event considered one of the families of the victims of the half, but just could not field, she left but help solve the case, the special investigation team of people quickly through the application in case of Yu Zhou and Liu Qin Philippines.
  Yes, knowing Yan Suxin was also abducted after, Liu Qin also stay with the Philippines stayed, see if you can be of any help.
  With the week before the event and Liu Qin Yu Fei information provided, police quickly changed the direction of the investigation, successfully found the bike two hours later “disappeared in the blanket of darkness,” van.
  But news footage back to the case of Jade week with speculation about the same, from the point of view marks around the car, the car should be only a driver, and no one else.
  Also thanks to Zhou Yu in advance in case tell her guess, found in bread