I’m still looking good than me harder than I am, woo, watching this episode I went to homework

  Sheng Joe really show a handful of English, swollen face sunspots, and even a lot barrage are clean, people did not expect more surprises are still behind.
  The next day when we went to the Sagrada Familia in accordance with her late at night to do the Raiders, and Qilian Liang Qiu Yu because please do not, please explain a falling out, buy water directly back Sheng Joe said no please, she is concerned.
  Dubious, even the audience feel that she installed a little big b.
  You know what ah?
  I did not think she really understands.The building itself, from the historical background to the style, along the way from designer, she was very convincing, even the spectators were attracted a lot of users have not been to address him by November this year to book a day trip Sagrada Familia.
  Barrage is praise and praise, swelling of the face, not the sunspot jumped out this check Baidu Encyclopedia will be able to know something, you are not blown too far?
  Joe powder This encyclopedia will be able to check Baidu know something, how other guests do not know, she knows it?
  Damn, you really tricky angle fans.
  Oh, fine bars than your point of view or a point of difference.

Chapter 124
  Sheng Qiao previous record cohabitation variety when he said something that he is studied architecture, but also ridicule was for a long time.Now her show on the building