Before definitely come back!”Jiang really saying this, the children ran out Sahuan.

Fear that they would be a step slow caught back like.
Jiang Chu stared at the back of ginger really fast run, this dead child!

Niu Jiacun.
Near the upper reaches of the river a small cottage yard, this time is smoke curl, because almost noon, and every household in the village to prepare lunch.
Cattle stake family is no exception, and today’s cooking is the second child of the wife Yan Shi of cattle, there is another mother Zheng helped light a fire.
Niu men are children went to work in the fields, women are naturally busy kitchen.
While her mother Zheng Tian Chai, he was choking smoke to cough, Yan Shi quickly in the past to pick up her job: “Mother, your throat it was bad, not smoked, or go to recover from it, I.”
“Nothing, nothing much wrong with it, but choke him,” Cheng smiled, then refill fuel: “You just busy you.”
Yanshi immediately not happy, snappily to the basket on the stove Yishuai: “I’d say that would be too Gompertz