Emil enthusiasm.

  ”I really want this wand is useless, that I had to commercial buildings, has been very good, this building is much larger than the size of it?”Ye White was somewhat embarrassed.
  Ye see where they are pointing to the white Yu Mo heart of commercial buildings, the Emir spoke again immediately.
  ”My son, hear me, in accordance with the way this building, to create a pure gold Yip.”
  White leaves:.
  The crowd:.
  We considered completely served, what is called the Tyrant, which should be the real Tyrant.
  Always give you to create a pure gold, pure gold build buildings can do?They will not collapse nerve ah.
  Ye White certainly will not let Emil do such a stupid thing, just slightly perfunctory to say about ourselves to give should have the opportunity to go to Dubai to play, to entertain like Emile time please.
  Emir sighed and said leaf white earnestness.
  ”Yep, but also I hope you do not mind, I now have nothing, only money.”
  White leaves:.
  At this time in front of the big local tyrants have infinite shining glory, prickly man keep my eyes open.
  But Cao Xiu was still staring at the two men before him, obviously he invited