An Wei Zhen known helpless smile, “you do not know is not really.”

An Wei Zhen immediately eyes wide open, he could not nod and said: “Of course, I do not believe master?”

North Star Shen Wei Zhen Ann could not help cupped face, let her use such a heavy effort nodded, watching her sincere and clear eyes, like twin amber from the eye to see a mountain stream Miaomiao, forbearance live sighed softly, “of course I believe Andy, you’re the one I trust the most, ah, just, Andy is also too small, it grew quickly.”

And I’ll be there, waiting for you to grow up.Shen North Star cover these latter half of the sentence in the lips.

An Wei Zhen Sidongfeidong nodded, wondering heart, masters may feel that their body is still too young a?This easy to handle, eat more and more training, and soon grew yet!

Poor Shen North Star, An Wei Zhen did not know the meaning of his words, speculation has deviated from the galaxy.

When Shen Zhen Wei An and North Star finished speaking, when they turned around, looked at Wu Zhou Zhou Tao holding two poor appearance of the two brothers almost become a father and son, with a pair of the same strain can be seen eyes, looked at both of them at the same time meaningful.

Section 260 of the body care