But always counterproductive, he used his own way good for him, but finally always counterproductive, he did not know how to face him, and eventually.He was afraid to face him.

  ”.I also know that’s not your fault.”Yu Pei said:” Not my fault, nor is it your fault.So who is to blame?”He muttered to himself as, murmuring:” I do not hate you, they hate who should?”
  ”.No one is wrong, this is life.”Yu Ze hoarse voice, said:” If you can not understand this, you will never be able to move forward.”
  Yuze Song opened his collar, looked into his eyes, said: “.You can not understand this, but that will always be in the hall crying child.”
  Yu Pei looked at him without a word.
  ”You have a twenty-six.The drop in the past, look to the future of the.”Yu Chak said: ‘If you want to get out of hell of his own creation, I will not hesitate to help you, but if you want to pull me in -‘
  He looked at Yu Pei, stressing each syllable: “Do not blame me kick your rotten cage.”
  Yu Ze went straight away.
  Yu Pei motionless against a tree, after a long time, so long that his fingers frozen in the cold, he was propped up magnolia tree, with his stick stabilize the staggering body, not towards