Friends meticulously shirt buttoned to the top button, which is still dangling in pajamas.

  XIA away until opened the master bedroom door, a winter journey back, he felt that if he had the blood of it, at the moment are in the end the one-time breakdown.
  Wet black hair drawn in front of a white shirt, hem cover directly to the thigh, the whole person is like a boyfriend shirt sleeve in the small porcelain doll.
  XIA away whispered: “You can be advanced, or else you sleep?No hair dryer, dry hair do I have to wait.”
  Dong Cheng result’d go inside, but did not take a break, but to find a new towel bars come out, the Goddess smile sitting on the bed, his porcelain doll sitting on his lap, put soft hands action, gently rub her hair.
  Hurry dry, at least you can go to bed early.
  The results of the hair is done fast point, going to bed early touches impossible.
  The so-called pure Gaimian Pi chat, only to embrace pure sleep, after all, is not the truth.
  When can the next morning XIA away from the phone alarm clock rang, she pressed off the alarm clock, the phone screen by light that point, it is seen next to the defeat lying on the pillow Cheng winter, my heart still feel very Not good intentions