.”Tan Mom would say silent.

  ”thanks Mom.”
  Talk to this sake, my mother also refused to talk on the phone, long Xin micro feeling she looks like there’s anything to say, in order to finish early embarrassed to talk, she said: “Mom, you say something even though.”
  On the Mother: “It’s about a small promise, before you’re still in school, I say these inconvenient to distract you, and now you graduated, I heard that he stay in the city of armor, both of you.”
  Xin micro paused for a long time, understand what she said Xu is a small Xu Xianglin, pretending surprise, said: “He is our family relatives ah, I treat him as a brother, my mother what you have to say?”
  Mom seemed relieved to talk about, “Nothing, let you in there good, small Xu also just graduated from there and if he is busy, you can not be naive in the past bother him work.”
  ”I know.”
  Pinch the phone, not for a while, the phone will come SMS alert is sent to the bank.
  Xin long micro grateful parents of the original owner, she had no sense of belonging to the family, but her daughter’s body occupied people, enjoying the parents of origin of the money, let Dad talk talk relieved mother, she would not mean a few words.
  I bought the phone, Xing evening to her phone number