Daily limit Knew: Seven good tomorrow is expected to ferment | Seven news

  Sina Financial News March 13 news, there are seven good tomorrow may affect the stock market, in particular: billion yuan last year, net profit increased 14% SF Holdings (002,352) the evening of March 13 disclosed in annual reports, in 2017 the company revenues of one hundred million yuan, an increase of%; net profit yuan, an increase of 14%。
The company intends to shareholders for every 10 shares were distributed yuan (including tax)。   : 2017 net profit up by 106% intends to send 10 yuan your sugar shares (000833) March 13 evening disclosure report, the company achieved revenues of 2017 billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit yuan, an increase of%; basic earnings per share。
Company intends to send 10 yuan (including tax)。 During the reporting period, the company focus on "expanding the market, increasing sales" business measures to actively carry out the work and made-than-expected operating results; the company fully invested industrial park projects, and actively promote the plant as a whole relocation process transformation project。   : Ali has a working relationship with a subsidiary of the Swiss national wealth is Jingdong cloud service providers Hualu (300,212) March 13 investor interactive platform, said there is a strategic partnership between the company and Ali, the company is currently a subsidiary of Swiss Wealth of Nations Jingdong cloud service providers。
In addition, the male security matters of the company is pushing in。   : Ningde era is the company's customer Tian Qi Li industry (002 466) today disclosed that evening on an interactive platform, Ningde era is the company's customers。 Note: Ningde era last night to update the prospectus draft report, in 2017 the company achieved operating income billion yuan, an increase of over 34%; net profit yuan, an increase of%。   : Block chain is exploring scenarios and business models silver Jie (300085) represented in the financial services sector in the investor interactive platform March 13, has been concerned about the development of technologies and applications in the field of block chain, is actively exploring block chain in financial services application scenarios and business models。
The company is not directly involved in the Internet industry in the field of market products or services from a broad sense, the industrial countries and developing new industries such as the Internet, for the company to finance industrial development as the core technology will also enhance the production of。   : Commonwealth subsidiary Zhejiang billion project consortium won the bid to pay families (002 061) the evening of March 13 announcement, the company subsidiary of Zhejiang and 4 iron hand over the composition of the bid to Fuyang, Hangzhou intercity railway engineering civil construction SGHF-3 standard section of the project, the price of one hundred million yuan。
  : A quarterly net profit expected by nearly 9 times?Company news, UniStrong (002383) the evening of March 13 notice issued performance is expected in the first quarter net profit of 50 million yuan -5200 million, an increase of% -%。 Business growth mainly: 1, military orders gradually during the reporting period; 2, high-precision space-time integration platform for the further implementation of the synthesis of Command and Control Project。