No one would believe him, even so, he has to find Su Qing quickly make things clear.

  ”Forget it, or to buy things made it on my phone.”Ye Xiao Yao helpless Road.
  ”Feller.”Chen diving smiled:” I made you go first on the phone, while you go to the hospital!”
  At the same time, the days of a mirage East Bay Garden villa, a mesh such as cinnabar, both red and green belly arm back Qinghuang stripes woman, wow soon discharged two successive black blood!
  Just to drive out to see the hidden leaf Qiruoyousi woman vomit black blood, his face changes, his heart is very clear why the grass poison woman suddenly dying – because insanity is dead!
  Poison and poison grass woman is connected to the soul!

Chapter 134 track down clues

  Chen diving back to here Su Su Qing Qing individually called out.
  ”I just go home to confirm a bit, Bi Ying also in the insanity.”Chen diving whispered: ‘do not start this morning Duijin Er, it has been the idea of suicide.’
  Su Ching Chen diving eyes wide open looked surprised, listening to hieroglyphics: “What?”
  ”The insanity.”Chen diving Road.
  ”Give me a break.”Su Qing certainly do not believe ah, this kind of thing for her is feudal superstition, completely nonsense:” I do not believe these things.”
  ”While some things can not go with science