A happy, hurried bow to say hello, “the older generation, Hello Hello, I’m born, exhibitions.”

  Ignorant to find him, and quickly got up to shake his hand, smiles, “Hello, I heard a lot ah, finally have the opportunity to meet today.”
  Lin-sheng some embarrassing, had nothing to take the shot works, but added a mess of messages uproar on the Internet, “Let the laughing stock of the older generation.”
  Ignorant often appeared to urban comedy, although slightly longer young, but very easy-going personality, and some careless.No chats on fraternizing and forest health, forest health occupational diseases has committed some problems when filming could not help but want to ask the ignorant, ignorant to his ears:
  ”Health brother, you add my micro letter, take back our privately discussed these days do not ask what I was working, and I and my husband said, this time it is crazy to play, do not want anything, will not he would like, ha ha ha ha ha, we are on holiday.”
  Forest Health busy nodding, also laughed, “Do not say anything Pengchen Yu teacher, in the evening, then it must send video?”
  Exaggerated facial expressions to the ignorant, “a look at your wedding is this in our house, it simply does not matter!I forefoot to the airport, he took his son back foot, to go hiking the surrounding scenic.Special son