Wonderful despised, twisted, “So you’re selling Meng coax people chanting.”

  Lu seventy-one laugh, “Something like that, good talent easy to coax.”
  Miu Miu stood up, “Well, then, I am troubled resolved, my performance has ended.Here, the microphone to the little fairy ~ ~ ~ ~ ”
  Lu seventy-one also stood on the stage, “This round although it was pulled out, but we still live in the five artists, Mu Jin, wearing a fan, Liu Liu, Indus, Miu Miu.Just three groups, please according to their performance in each of the voting, the winner of that group will get one point.After that, the game continues.Although I think before the game good content, because the relationship between the number of already not working, but can not let this ruin be live!!The next game will be handed over to the audience.Please look forward to it ~~~~~ ”
  ”Here as usual, the voting system is turned on for three minutes, go vote now ~ ~ ~ ~”
  Three minutes later, the winning group is Liu Liu and Indus.They each add one point.
  ”Now, Liu Liu is the first place, two points, one point wearing Fan, Indus one point, Jin Mu and Miu Miu are zero, I hope you continue to work hard Oh ~ ~ ~ ~”

Chapter 229 free
  After Lu seventy-one announced the results, they sit down, and artists made a row on the stage, “the next game, I said, to the audience, then please just give yourself artists want to question each questions you can ask more than one person, limited to twenty minutes, twenty minutes later, voting channels open