Years has sold 200 million units!

  Do not look at this thing smallish, the price is not cheap, sold for eight hundred Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong market!But although expensive, but like the songs, but fans are willing to spend the original capital, we have recently begun to rage!If you invest now of you who are interested to build a factory to produce this Walkman.I guarantee is a good deal!”
  ”Production this stuff need technical support ah, the Japanese may not be willing to sell technology!”Xushi Xun seemed tempted asked.
  ”This player is not a very high-tech stuff, the Oriental Institute has completed a full set of technology development, if many students are interested in, the Oriental Institute to provide technical support!”Li Xuan another and pressed the button.
  ”If many students are interested in the Oriental Institute to provide technical support,” Li Xuan just said a word, repeat from being recorded in the Walkman.
  ”I hand this product is developed by the Institute of Oriental guinea pig, with a recording function and receive the broadcast!”Li Xuan comprehensive display of the hands of the product, and then again just pull down from the Walkman ear Maituo in the palm of your hand,” With the Walkman sold in the global market, the demand for this headset is also rising rapidly, later also a good industry!But this thing is less technical content, although small investment, but later others also lower the threshold to join the competition!”
  Xushi Xun and Hu should have been with such a discerning eye to see the Hong Kong real estate the next few years may face a low ebb, determined to begin diversification to reduce risk.Hu should choose the north with the mainland, and Xu Shi