Fearless patience and ability of the two, can not figure out who to listen to, then insert the words: “I think it is right for the money, do less complex should be avoided not get the money they were arrested, after all, who Qin Tengyun Lady also inside, not to engage in more complex, it is not every minute was caught?”

  ”Who?Yanbo Mu?”In case of Zhou Yu had heard him say earlier was still nodding, you can hear the ‘puffs’ word when it overstating the tone.
  The man did not know why she was agitated, confused and said: “Yes ah, that lady, how, you know Miss Zhou?”
  ”It is more than understanding.”In case of Zhou Yu muttered, took out his mobile, but do not know if I should put this phone dial out.
  Qin Bo knew his mother was kidnapped yet?Know it involves Fearless devils do?
  ”They are probably not for the money.”In case of Zhou Yu’s voice was low, I do not know or are told myself in with the other people say.
  Liu Fei Qin Yan Suxin have not heard before being dragged to the inside, and now know this, and also want to Zhou Yu encountered the same.
  The kidnapping, will absolutely does not go directed Tengyun?

  ☆, left people

  Zhou Yu case of hesitation, the phone did not dial out.
  Qin Jue Ming should have already know this