Local time and long rows.Slightly dark days, many people are not cold, guarding a lot of luggage appeared lost.

  This time the question was mocking Sheng Qiao, first asked everyone not to coat on a cold, yet alone go car, she found all the way car rental field in accordance with the roadmap, then the majority of users show a surprising level of English.
  Fluency, pronunciation standard, to communicate in English did not look at the points, the driver was kind enough to bargain, and finally lead us successfully ride back to the hotel.
  Joe I just ridicule people do?
  Disfigured face was beaten up, which dare to come out ah
  Not work!I’m going to say!I learned not Joe slag!No!She is learning Pa!Who dares to say I was learning slag Joe I hit him with a look of this video!
  Pa learn much, right?You also say a heaven of English?
  We are not learning Pa pinpointing June next year
  The above is what a lemon essence, Sheng Joe did not have studied did not go to high school, can achieve this level of English proficiency, boast a school bully is not excessive, it is good to admit someone else is it so hard?
  I Kenichi, I can not, do fly papers, an opening on the stumbling, the envy of her spoken English
  I live in London, and her pronunciation is really standard, but also with some of the local daily accent, suspected she had lived in London
  no?Her itinerary in recent years are public, got the time to go to London
  I love beans than