Really can not be reconciled ah.

  ”If I die, you will.Forget me?”
  Trying to rescue someone outside the car, trying to devise methods to break apart the door knocked deformation, Su Yuan Fu hang on to poor hand back quickly: “If you die, I will immediately forget you, then pay new boyfriend.”
  ”If you do not die -”
  Su Yuan voice choked, paused for half a second, and said: “If you do not die, we’ll get married.”
  Married ah.
  Fu is poor and would like to say a deal, but he was too tired, heavy eyelids finally closed, he completely lost in the dark.
  one year later –
  Kim triennial prize awards ceremony, held as scheduled in the eye, star-studded awards ceremony, Xi Su Yuan With thin that movie with Gujiu An “regeneration”, both nominated actor actress award after Kim’s shortlist.
  As one of the popular candidate after the award of this shadow Kim, Su Yuan ultimately be subject to an interview with the focus of media reporters, a reporter noted that Su Yuan left ring finger wearing a diamond ring pigeon eggs, hesitantly asked: “Miss Su, you know the ring on the ring finger on what it means to you?”
  Su Yuan With the reporter’s eyes look in his ring finger, then openly bright shining diamond ring the bird show