QQ work, the former student with an annual turnover of over one million of company executives

Invested two million yuan venture from his sophomore year to earn tuition, junior semester started on the entity set up the company, the first half of this year the company turnover of over 300 million “He always” in mid-2009 graduated from the Central Institute of Business Information he Yongliang school children of farmers as one of the advanced typical tour group members reported their own businesses and grass-roots employment of students across the province, he participated in the first report meeting held yesterday morning in Henan Agricultural University, in the next few days, he will other members of the group reports together, to bring the province’s college students 12 roving report to their personal experience to inspire and encourage more students take the road of their own businesses and grass-roots employment of.Do not fight for personal ability to improve the work He Yongliang unhelpful in mid-1986 was born in a rural family of Zhumadian Biyang, his original ambition was to become a lawyer, college entrance examination in 2005, he chose the legal profession, but was eventually Zhongyuan University of Technology business School of information marketing Electronic Commerce professional admission.”Tuition 9800 yuan per year, almost hard parents annual income of farming.”He Yongliang said that when parents and grinding his teeth as he put together the first year of tuition and some living expenses, he decided, the next three years to earn their own tuition.Despite the difficult economy, but He Yongliang still set himself a “three-no” rules: do not do a tutor, and second, no leaflets, the three schools do not participate in work-study arrangements.In his view, these part-time have no “knowledge content”, in addition to earn some money outside, without any help improve the quality of individual ability, wasted a good time to learn.”Can gain experience to enhance the ability to live without money are doing, how much money can not live and gain experience to enhance the ability to quit.”It is He Yongliang has been upholding the principle of.Part-time experience made him fall in love once forced to choose between a professional travel agent to do on campus agents, selling dictionary, radio, telephone cards He Yongliang done a lot of part-time, but has not found its own direction.Until freshman summer, He Yongliang Henan enter an Internet company, to become a construction site, sales promotion, he began to reach out through various types of telemarketing companies, strange call, etc..To professional.From the beginning sophomore, He Yongliang headlong into the books piled up, put into the curriculum of learning networking Web site development and management, plans to take advantage of low investment, low risk of Internet start-ups.”There are 43 million SMEs in the country, only 50% of companies have their own website, while the 50% of companies have 50% of which do not know how to network marketing, the middle contains how much opportunity ah.”Help customers profit in exchange for 150,000 yuan start-up capital” was Gongyi has more than 5,000 small and medium enterprises, many enterprises have built a website, but simple design, few links, behind this huge potential market demand.”Sophomore next semester, He Yongliang cooperation with the host network business manager before the bull, came to Gongyi City to start a company, do site construction, network promotion and marketing training.May want to start, you must have a start-up capital, the money comes from?He Yongliang remembered the previous customers Hanjing.He Yongliang is Hanjing corporate website optimization promotion free to do, to enhance the corporate website search rankings, increase all of a sudden a lot of orders, a month later, a net increase of 300,000 yuan net profit.Hanjing see benefits immediately come up with $ 150,000 so that He Yongliang and bull in Gongyi City, rented a floor, equipped with classrooms, multimedia room, hiring a salesman, customer service staff, technical staff.QQ work, the former student with an annual turnover of over one million corporate CEOs second half of 2007, He Yongliang started doing Internet marketing for a sign factory.He Yongliang spend 200 yuan to buy a space and the site’s domain name, start optimizing corporate website, advocacy in online sales, “we do not have a salesman, do not spend a penny.”.By website optimization, He Yongliang sites remain in the front rank of the major search engines, the major portals which can be retrieved his business information.”Most business is negotiated on the Internet, QQ chat is another of our main work, chat with customers, sell products, lower than the cost of the phone, the effect is good.”Traffic signs factory began to increase, and gradually set up two plants, received a lot of big customers of China Mobile sign, Yutong Group.He Yongliang find many companies take the initiative to invite him to do training for enterprises do network marketing.Plate factory orders more, piling up how to do?He Yongliang become general manager of Zhengzhou sun signs Ltd., as an intermediary, contacted more than a dozen plate production and processing business signs, pocketing the difference sales, turnover of over 1 million yuan a year.Entrepreneurship is recommended as a successful university student entrepreneurs, He Yongliang entrepreneurs intend to have students put a few suggestions.Have their own career planning freshman winter, He Yongliang forget to give yourself two accounts: account time and money account.There are three four-year university summer, four winter, plus a variety of holidays, spare time there are about 600 days, should take advantage of these times to exercise their own.”Nobody else so clearly regarded.”He Yongliang set himself a career plan, large semester living completely independent, sophomore earn money, buy a laptop juniors and seniors have their own company.He Yongliang in view, not everyone is suitable for business, but whether it is employment or business, should have their own career planning.To take advantage of the professional rather than contradict what they are learning “A lot of students do not like the professional they are learning, conflict psychologically, in fact, it is wrong.I was like the law, through social practice, really found their own points of interest.”He Yongliang recommended that students should take advantage of the professional they are learning, to learn to their own conditions and personal interests with the direction of future development, combined with the trend, which is the future, whether business or employment, are very helpful.Venture capital is not the biggest factor limiting the entrepreneurial asked what is most important, a lot of people the answer is “money”.He Yongliang in view, this argument is wrong.He believes that business students should meet three criteria: the ability to experience the first row, the second row of a network of resources, is the third fund.”Personal experience is the most important ability, no experience, just have an idea shop and go prone to failure, even if someone gave you money to vote, you will lose.Students gain experience and how to enhance the ability?Working.”He Yongliang said Xianxiang money at home business before some students, no experience on the first input device, store, often the last to the end of a loss.In addition, college students venture is best not to choose the hotel opened, vegetables and the like, these things ordinary junior high school students are capable, even better than you do, the best choice associated with their professional project business, play to strengths.As for funding, He Yongliang said, can “sleight of hand tricks”.”I need less cost network marketing, free customer service to get the trust and investment, and other business projects, too, for example, you want to open a clothing store, cosmetics shop, you can sell someone else, the ability to earn recognition and the first barrel gold.”