A wise man of the East received two students.One night as he was to test both their intelligence, they gave them each a dollar, told: “I give you much money, but want you to immediately buy things, be able to put a dark room room completely filled.”It’s really difficult topic ah!What a dollar can buy it?How I can buy a lot of things that this large room filled it?However, two of his students are obeyed immediately go out and buy.Separated soon, they all come back.A student take this money to buy a lot of hay, as people transported back and put into the room.Really, this room is filled with so many hay.But this wise man shook his head, not praise him.Because the haystack in the room, another way is stupid.The house was filled with hay, good people how to live it?This is just to make the room dark, and it becomes useless.Another student but only took four corners of the money to buy a lamp back.He put lit, the room immediately lit up, everything seen.The students shouted: “Mr.!I have the room to be filled with light.”Smart people like and said:” Yes, boy, this is a good way to fill up the room.”One student took a piece of the money to buy hay filled the room, though he did it, but this is a stupid method.Another student spent four corners of the money to buy back twenty-one oil lamp lit the room, the room filled with light, in the eyes of this is a smart and clever way.Two people is also a dollar, as reflected in different ways on different intellectual.When kids have problems, you might think more of several ways, and then selected from a plurality smartest way to solve that problem before us now.