Wukesong lightly armed battle of life and death battle against Liaoning, Beijing Shougang no turning back

  Beijing team appeal fails Appellate Beijing team encountered a number of controversial cases when the Liaoning team third in the previous playoff games on the road, which is the most typical of other foreign aid Hudson in the first overtime dribble during the encounter after the ball beyond the arc to the defense of Zhao Jiwei, the latter shooting。 In this process, there is a Hudson in the eyes of many obvious walking ball, but the referee has not whistled be。 In the CBA after the company was evaluated for this action, the referee belong to a distinct Missing。 The company reported last night, CBA referee gives the game the last two minutes of explicit reference to this point, at the same time the company also pointed out that Beijing CBA team of foreign aid Jackson back in the fourth quarter remains 8 seconds to hit the third ball should be invalid because Jackson had a ball walking violation action。
  At the same time, the Beijing team yesterday for the penalty and the third playoff Liaoning team has been some controversy in a complaint to the company CBA。 However, according to information obtained by Reporters Beiqing Bao, the Beijing team made a complaint to the CBA company did not follow the complaint process, the complainant because the team does not meet the conditions of the complaint, but the referee for business problems mentioned aspects of the Beijing team, the referee Office We will seriously study and then communicate with the Beijing team。
  The team is not controversial penalty after Di Xiaochuan impact players for the away once done some tough questions expressed in the previous interview, he said: "The play on the road, as we will be at home to play, ready to go。 We do not care too much on the road to play, or play at home, and do not care about those other factors too much, we should be (next) play more tenacious, better at handling the ball。 "While a number of controversial penalty in the previous encounter, but for the team, they have to do now is concentrate to prepare for tonight's game。
However, Wang Xiaohui figure did not appear during yesterday's team training。
Wang Xiaohui with the Liaoning team in the third game of the playoffs, the inside of the hip and thigh have some injuries, but whether it will affect tonight's game, and now there is no official statement。
Wang Xiaohui role in the team should not be underestimated, he is the best defensive player in Hudson, at the same time can also provide crucial help to the team on the offensive。   Jackson wants to play more aggressive in the last game back foreign aid Jackson hit a triple-double, he scored a series of the most critical moment, almost led the team to complete the magical reversal。
In that game has been very good physical condition Jackson is the team fight to the legs cramp, he relaxed after the game has been accepted to the doctor the next morning massage。   Jackson is one of the key players in this series, he also recognized the important task of his shoulders。
Jackson said: "When the game finished, I am aware of their responsibilities。
I will continue to play some of the more aggressive, I need to know to show up in the game what kind of attack, and how can we do。
I think that the game is like before I hit the Europa League match, I am very familiar with, but also know how to fight。 I'll be ready to meet this life and death battle。
"Text / reporter Song Xiang。