PDP personality test: Test your animal totem character

PDP is a tool for testing behavioral style, the English referred ProfessionalDynamiticProgram, refers to a person do best talent in the style of doing things, in five animals to represent, namely: Tiger type, peacock, type koala, owl and chameleon type.The following thirty answer questions, correspond to 5-1 points, namely: strongly agree 5 points; agree with 4 points; almost 3 points; 2 points a little agree; disagree 1 point.1.You are a trustworthy person do?2.You do gentle personality?3.Do you energetic?4.Your understanding it?5.You do independent?6.You loved it?7.Things seriously and do righteous?8.You do compassionate?9.You do have persuasive?10.You do bold?11.You do exactly?12.Your ability to adapt to it?13.How are your organizational skills?14.Are you proactive?15.Do you shy?16.Do you strong?17.Do you calm?18.You dare to learn it?19.Do you react fast?20.You do outward?twenty one.Do you pay attention to details?twenty two.You love to talk it?twenty three.Your coordination okay?twenty four.You do industrious?25.Your generosity it?26.You do cautiously?27.You pleasant it?28.You do tradition?29.You do cordial?30.You work efficiently enough to do?Calculate the score: 5,10,14,18,24,30 title score adds up to Tiger scores; 3,6,13,20,22,29 title score adds up peacock score; 2,8,15,17,25 28 questions add up to a koala score points; 1,7,11,16,21,26 title score adds up to an owl score; 4,9,12,19,23,27 title score adds up chameleon scores.If you have a particular score much higher than the other four, you are typical of such property, if you have a two scores much higher than the other three, you are a combination of these two animals; if you score the are relatively close, you are a near perfect personalities; if you have a particular score is particularly low, you need to work on strengthening the attributes of an animal that.Tiger-type (dominant type) is generally strong ambition tiger, adventurous, competitive, objective, once established will go all out.The disadvantage is easier to flow in arbitrary decision-making, compromise is not easy, easier to quarrel with someone friction.If there are subordinate tiger to give him more responsibility, if the boss will have to show the tiger in front of his assertive side.Chinese and foreign celebrities Mao Zedong, Zhu Rongji and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher more typical human type of tiger, tiger Germany is the largest number of countries type.Peacock-type (expressive) Peacock warm, smooth eloquence, concerned with image, good interpersonal relationships.The disadvantage is likely to be too optimistic, the details often can not be estimated, we need professional technical elite in the implementation to match.To encourage the main peacock, kept his passion, but also pay attention to his emotional details and to prevent mistakes.Sun Yat-sen, Clinton, Reagan, Gorbachev is this type of people, the United States is the peacock people than any other country.Koala type (patient type) Koala belong to act strong, kind and gentle, in the eyes of others is often mistaken for a lazy not positive, but as long as committed to investing is definitely the best proof of the pudding is typical.To give more attention to koalas and gentle, trying to tap their inherent potential.Gandhi, Soong Ching Ling, Chiang Ching-kuo, are this type of person, in general, religious believers are koalas, while China is the cradle type koala.Owl (exact type) owl traditional and conservative, analysis and strong, high accuracy, subtle and restrained personality, keep a sense of proportion loyal to duty, but will make people feel picky.Owl clear analysis of reason to convince others very set, doing things objectively reasonable, but sometimes drill pull it out in the dead end in.Ancient settle a lawsuit as a god of Bao Zheng (Bao) It is this type of model.Japan is a country this large number of types of.Chameleon type (integrated) chameleon moderation rather than extremism, strong toughness, good communication skills, be able to fully integrate into the new environment, a new culture and a variety of good adaptability, they know how to look at the situation to see where everything.Former Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Zhuge Liang are of this type.Hong Kong and Taiwan are more areas chameleon.To recommend the latest information sauna