Boys and girls, we must learn to do things by analogy.To learn to work, thinking brain-dead things tend to put myself into a dead end there, sometimes for a position or stance thinking will suddenly see the light, oh!Together with the story of the little rabbit study under the bar.Spring Festival, rabbit father and mother bunny rabbit with his grandmother to the New Year.Back to the city, they do not sit on long trips.Their place, there are nearly ten kilometers away from the originating station, every long-distance car trip, when the originating station from the station, already full.During the Spring Festival travel rush, they can only watch helplessly car.Rabbit father said: “Let’s go across the street to the car, I found, to the originating station to the car quite empty, and now many people back to the city.”Mother Rabbit said:” You did not yet poles apart?”Rabbit father said:” haste makes waste, we need to work!”They went across the road car, as well as seats to the originating station, rabbit dad to buy a ticket again, that we return to the city.They do not get off, but also pick the most comfortable seat.Under the car looking at the crowd, shouting Wang Jushang crowded, rabbit dad smirked.Mother Rabbit and bunny rabbits also think there are ways to Dad.School, followed by rabbit squad there are a few students, according to the head teacher’s instructions, 13-story office building to receive the book.On 13 floors, with a small pull a cart, ready for the book, according to lift out.However, attached to three times the elevator at full strength, could not get the door open.Rabbit upward to press the button.Squad leader criticized the bunny said: “We want to go downstairs, you do press the up button?”Bunny said:” My dad said, haste makes waste, we have to be good at work, it may be the top-level large conference room in the open what the meeting just ended, we have to wait until these years ah?”Said, and lift up the.Bunny greeting everyone on the elevator, the squad leader hesitated, barely got on the elevator.Elevator to the top floor on the 25th floor, opened the door, and sure enough there are a lot of people waiting for the elevator, suddenly crowded.A few of them stand on the inside.After down, rabbit smug smile, seems a bit ashamed squad.Back home, the bunny had said anything about my father that my father touched the bunny’s head, said with deep feeling: “Son, you’re smart, no matter what things should be more than mindless, learn by analogy.”