Behind the OH Cards

On this day, I went to the class teacher office to arrange a general survey of students’ psychological thing, few teachers chatting, I went to see, a teacher joked: psychological experts and hurry to Wang Counseling, and she just students are windy air.It turned out that the class has a girl Xiaoyun fell eraser chaos in the classroom, he told the squad leader Wang.Wang Xiaoyun looking to ask this, I did not expect Xiaoyun nonchalantly said: that I did it, how the?This somewhat defiant tone so that Wang was very angry, but she patiently warned Xiaoyun: broke eraser will affect everyone in class, each student should cherish public property of the class is.Please sir, I was wrong.I should not throw things in the class.Before Wang speak, Xiaoyun turn holds in his hand a pen mercilessly thrown to the ground: this is my own stuff.I love how kind you how, without affecting others.So okay?Wang was speechless with rage.Ah, actually there is such a thing?I am busy to comfort Wang do not get angry, if you have time, I will find Xiaoyun chat.But the next few days due to the Psychological Test of numerous affairs, I have never gotten around to find exchanges Xiaoyun.After the test results came out, I quickly found Xiaoyun questionnaire, found her score high, especially hostile score almost reached out, on the one detecting suicidal subject she also had higher scores.A girl how are there so much hostility, often harm others thoughts and impulses, but it will frequently thought of suicide?Think of a few days ago she contradict the teacher’s behavior.I sit up.So in the afternoon, I Xiaoyun about to psychological guidance center.This is a very spiritual girl looks, short hair, it is extremely competent.Because I’ve had to give them a psychology class, after seeing Xiaoyun I did not hesitate, quickly tell their own distress.Beginning last year, Xiaoyun also found friends Xiaowei love with a boy they like Xiang.Thus began dissatisfaction Xiaoyun Xiaowei, plus some other contradictions, their relationship becomes very bad.Once best friend has now become their enemy, it makes sense Xiaoyun has been a lot of damage.Sometimes, she would uncontrolled rage, the urge to harm others or breaking things in.She often worries for the relationship between two people.Even thought of suicide.A few days before their turn on duty, as she stepped in front of the podium to clean the blackboard, but found Xiang Xiaowei went to the front seat, said something, then I do not know, amused Xiaowei Huazhiluanchan.Xiaoyun was felt particularly angry, so he took the blackboard in the hands rub hard onto the ground.I did not expect the second class, she was old class called the office, because of his fit of anger, so she has some rude teacher.After listening to statements Xiaoyun, my heart down half.The story turned out not as I expected so serious.The face is in Xiaoyun under emotion, I took out 0H card (a psychological test tools), invited her to play together.After making a brief description and relax, I asked her to extract the three plates and three picture cards were grouped together to form three cards.Then let her description, see what the draw card, and the picture cards and plates together to say a word.In the first picture cards, Xiaoyun seeing the hourglass and the planet, to see their own meals and live together with their parents and friends.And linked to grab plates, she said: the affection and friendship can not be seized.In the second picture cards, Xiaoyun see friends holding badminton racket, he stood opposite, two people play.And plates violate linked, she said: I have friends that go against (betrayed) her, I feel very sad, very sad.In the third piece of card, the Xiaoyun see two people in the car ride, drive people to their own.But other people do not know who.And plates embarrassed link, she said: When driving, if I met them both on a date, I would be very embarrassed.As can be seen from the Xiaoyun interpretation of the cards, she stole her boyfriend on Xiaowei thing has been brooding, hard to put down.Around what she saw.I Xiaoyun and conducted in-depth discussion on the pieces of her second brand most feeling.The man on the screen is what kind of image?What kind of character she?How her emotions like?How can she get better?Everything is saying draw cards, discussing picture.But the two of us have a clear mind, we explored was her own heart.After some exchanges, finally, she said: Now, I feel much calmer.The original thought of these things, I might go back to the classroom smashed the lock on the cupboard, and now.I think I have been able to relatively calm, thanks teacher.Heard these words, my heart finally put down completely.In order to further consolidate the results, I asked her: Do you want to make yourself at what a shift in?To achieve these changes, how would you do?She thought for a moment and said: Now I want to change the three most.First, an apology to Wang, asked her to forgive his wayward and impulsive; the second is to change their image, grown a long hair.To make themselves more like a girl; Third, turning their attention to learning, no longer want to mess things.She looked happy to leave, my heart also raised a glimmer of joy.To recommend the latest information sauna