In many, many years ago, there was a fox, can be regarded as sinuous, as long as he bet always win.One afternoon, in order to show off their quick wit, he wanted to bet, I thought: “will certainly win as before.”So he ran in the forest, and asked him who would contest.He first met beetle.Beetle did not listening to his words, he got into the pile of leaves.Then he met toad.Toad about his misdeeds and treacherous, he is not willing to bet the same game.Fox see these animals do not accept the challenge, very angry, then, I went to the beach.Sitting on the beach.Suddenly, from out of a small crab sand drilled.Fox saw rampant crab walk backwards, I feel ridiculous, immediately decided to a contest with him.Because he was convinced, must win small crabs.”Would you like to do with my game?See who went to the top of the hill.”Fox pointed to sit across the high mountain says.”Row!”Small crabs without thinking.”Also allows you to make up for some cheap, you first start.”He added.Fox and around the crab in a row, starting the beginning.Fox has also been snigger stupid crab it!They ran for a long time.Fox tail dragging on the ground, always running in front.He was convinced, crab walking crooked, could never run in front of him.Nevertheless, he does not look back at their opponents from time to time.”Haha!This guy is running even dust can roll it up!”He laughed secretly.Fox with a clear conscience continue to run up the hill.On both sides of the mountain covered with peaches and other fruits.Fox stopped to take a breath.After a child, he found a nest nearby.There are eggs inside it!So, dig and eat eggs.”Poor crab!You’ll never catch me!”Fox watching from afar, muttered,.While, fox feel thirsty, he went to the cave to drink water.He drink the cool spring.After the return to the mountain, he was looking toward the back of the crab catch up no.He dimly saw far away something is moving, laughing: “This wretch and more stupid ah!”At this time, also came a burst of laughter surprising, however, because he did not find anything, so simply ignore, continue ran towards the top of the hill.”I’m right here waiting for the day I do not know how high, how thick the bar crabs!He would be willing to compete with me!”Said the fox..At this time, behind him came a voice, startling him: “Friend!You are late!I have been here waiting for you a long time, and even slept.”Fox suddenly looking back, I saw that it was his crab feet.”how.what happened!You get to than I was early?”He shouted.”Man!You eat peaches, dig eggs, drink plenty of water, I just rush in front of you.I won!”Crab standing happily waving his pair of powerful pincers.At that time, Fox in shock, did not mind to pay attention to something else.Otherwise, he will find it haunted crab pliers on woolen few on his tail!”Yes, I wanted to have fun on the way up.”Fox is very sorry to admit that” crab brothers, I was hungry and thirsty.In this case the game is not that counts.Let’s race once again, ran down the hill to see who went on stone beach.””it is good!But you let me rest for a while, I just ran great urgency.”Crab confidently answer.Fox sitting around waiting to lie down to sleep crab.While, he woke up crabs that can match up.At this time, fox channeling out like an arrow, did not notice anything on his tail tucked.This time, Fox did not dare stop to eat a peach, dig eggs and drink plenty of water, not look back at.”This time, I will be able to win!”He ran he wanted.But when he went to the beach, just sit down on a stone crabs jumped off from his tail, blame, said: “I did not expect, you will arrive late for so long.It appears that you have old.You and he lost it!”Fox saw small crabs and won, very angry.”I was the first to!”Fox outrageous up.”friend!Do not quibble!I have been waiting for you for a long time, you should be admitted to the forest and the ocean all the animals, I am the winner.”” I quit!”The fox claws roared.Then, suddenly I felt a fox, crab suddenly gave him a push.He fell face down into the sea world.When the fox in the bitter struggle of the sea, sand crab got into his self-satisfied, because this time he is more wit and cunning than a fox.The moral: the story of the fox cunning, but met a more cunning than its crab.We understand yet, crab is how to win it?It is caught in a fox’s tail, when it jumped down to the end, to be admitted to the fox forest and the ocean all the animals from the fox’s tail, crab is the winner.The world total is higher than the mountain mountain enough, not because of his temporary victory complacent, sink in the heart of down to earth strength is eternal victory.