To the top of the pyramid are only two animals, one eagle and one small snail.Eagle is on their own wings and fly up, because it has talent.Small snail neither wings nor legs, it must rely on body little by little climb, so small snail climbed to the top of the pyramid than eagles spend more effort and time a few times or hundreds of times.However, if a small snail reached the top of the pyramid, we see the world and the world to see the eagle is exactly the same, but the eagle and the snail is not the same feeling to the landscape.And when the eagle and small snail began keeping a diary, the eagle can only sigh, because by their own talent and it would fly up, and therefore did not write.The small snail can write a very moving and full of rich fighting diary.Because of the small snail is all the way through their own struggle and perseverance, tasted the bitterness only surmount the pyramids.Moral of the story: a small snail story pyramid tell children not a difficult thing can beat you, unless you beating yourself up, you that you are not brave enough to insist on, if not please do not give up, do not flinch, small snails with their proven strength no less than eagle poor, the eagle can see the scenery on the pyramid, a small snail can.So the children ran into any trouble, do not retreat, only to resolve the current difficulties, we can get growth.