NBA for his work

Because the man called Li Quan the name is too common, so he took the net himself called mouth Springs.May 2, 1981, Li Quan was born in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, now lives in Beijing Chongwen.In 2011, just thirty years of age he started going to paint for a living, is a well-known sports cartoonist, is a perfect combination of the comic to the NBA with expert-level figures.Each NBA and read his favorite comic who will not help him become a fan.He has admirers is difficult to count, not only that, even as far away as the United States basketball star Shane Battier, who are also very sought after his work.A person to draw comics for a living, why let him crazy NBA?And Li Quan passage.Gives the answer: Thank NBA, because of it, I became a garage owners.As a child, he would like to see comics and cartoons.Growing up, he came to Beijing to become a go-getters in the north drift.North drift at the beginning, he, like most people, lived a very grass-roots working life.Hope very good, the reality is very cruel, as an ordinary graphic designer, work and life are completely confused, and when work needs to, he would awake until our work is done to stop it.In his spare time, if elegant leisure, he painted a few of their favorite comics, consolation.Later, a chance opportunity, while watching the US NBA basketball league live, he was court you spell my wins highly skilled performances attracted, although I thought the game pretty exciting, but the atmosphere makes one close combat stress and suffocation even at a critical moment in mind lore, they are likely winner takes all, loser for Kou, is not it a bit too bloody and cruel?Then he flashes, why not in the form of comic spoof about the big players these lively yet?So that they become their own pen comic prototype into a lovely cartoon image, maybe give people a different kind of joy and freshness.Hard work pays off.When depicting vivid cartoon image of NBA players pass on the net, in the major print media out, whether it is the most vivid picture of Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady is the most difficult, and Altman general drum eye Yao Ming.Immediately get mad welcomed and loved many NBA fans, with great success, and even Ron Artest, Shane Battier and Dikembe Mutombo and other big names players came to China all have posed for pictures with him.He became the first person of Chinese painting NBA comics, cartoons and made the NBA brand.After the commercial label affixed, to win business concern, made into a bus card stickers, sports posters, T-shirt, playing cards and fans and other commercial products into the market, like a snowball rolling in wealth.He also finally from the initial drift north, became the capital of garage owners.These substantial gains, it is due to those NBA players as far away as the United States, all of them became his pen cartoon characters, supported him go step by step today towards success and wealth.Today, the world is proudly NBA also had to work out for him in silence.To recommend the latest information sauna