Hedgehog will be a big red apple inserted in his back, happy to walk toward home.But when it came home, I want the apple pull down, but how also to pull no less than coming!Hedgehog anxious crying wah-wah, do not know how to do the.Neighbors heard the little rabbit, immediately ran over and said: “Do not cry, I’ll help you pull!”It grabbed the apple, What ho What ho, you can still dial down, small hedgehog hen came to play, see the help hedgehog Mama tears, said:” Do not cry, I’ll help you!”It grabbed the apple, What ho What ho, two people work together, firmly pull it together.Suddenly, the ‘thump’, ‘Gulugulu’, the Big Apple was finally pulled out, small rabbits and small hen turned a big somersault, it looks like fun, I tell you!The story of the hedgehog himself is no way to pull down the apple, with the help of neighbors, Apple pulled down, you can enjoy a delicious Big Apple.This story is to tell the children, when a hot thing can not be completed, we will work together with unexpected gains Oh, unity is strength.