Eastern Han Dynasty writer Jung (153–208 years), a child is very polite and intelligent man.His 6-year-old pear let the story has long been known, was later passed from mouth to mouth, but the story of Jung ingenuity minutes pear is probably very few people know.After lunch one day, Jung would consciously go to the library to read and write.Then the old housekeeper pass into the room saying: “little master, in the field uncle, uncle, aunt and six cousins are coming, ma’am tell you to go see them vestibule.”Jung was very happy, indeed, uncle, uncle official in the field for many years, Jung grow up to 6 years of age have not seen them.Especially the six cousins die pretend I do not know long Gesha.So, Jung did not answer the old housekeeper arrived vestibule, he has flew first to the.In the introduction to their parents, Jung all given uncle, uncles, aunts and cousins have seen six of the ceremony, everyone Dukua Jung polite.Pear At this point, the mother called the maid cup of pears to pan, exquisitely carved dish stood six large and fragrant and tender, the mother called Jung pear given to eat six cousins.Jung was about to divide pear, he was the father stopped: “Slow!Rong children, you give the pears cousins, everyone one, and still leave a dish, you can divide okay?”My father knew very smart Jung, Jung deliberately want to boast about, who knows the topic is too difficult to actually put Jung asked to live.Uncle, uncles, aunts, also felt that it was difficult even they are completed, not to mention a 6-year-old juvenile children it?Six cousins even more helpless, looked at each other, wondering in my heart: “This sub-pear, six of us there is always a person can not eat pears ah!”Jung twisted brow pondering, he embarrassed to see his mother, the mother kindly said to Jung:” financial child, ponder it!Pears to a lot of points, you will be able to divide good.”Jung’s eyeball turning rapidly, he looked at the plate and looked pears, suddenly, his face showing the joy of joy, clapping their heads children he said:” There is a way.”I saw Jung picked up the plate five pears were handed five cousins, a pear dish rest, there can not be assigned to a cousin pears, the cousin feel aggrieved.Uncle, aunt and uncle said that this approach is not working.Jung smiled, a pear, along with the rest of the dish and gave it to the cousin together.Father and said: “Rong children.You are right points.Can you tell us something about why so divided?”Cuisheng habitat Jung said:” The minute a person, indicating that six cousins were scored with; but also leave a plate, which is understood as long as there is a pear on a plate on the line, so I do it is in line with points meaning of the questions.”We suddenly realized, even boast Jung witty, parents also laughed.