One day, in front of a cafeteria I met a pig when a chick walks.Two men clinging to the dining room windows looking in, saw a chef is making sandwiches.So, just like chicken pig deliberations: “pig, the two of us to do business with it?”” What kind of business do?”Pig curious to ask.”Our partnership making sandwiches, I’m out of eggs, you are out of pork, how?”Chicken answer.”Yes!”Pig readily replied to.So, pigs and chickens went together to start a business selling sandwiches.Blink of an eye six months later, to the end of the year.Chick told the pig: “pig, we end the dividends.How to divide it?Half a person how?.”I did not expect, pig solemnly tell Chick:” Chicken, do you think I am a pig, it is foolish!Ha ha.You woke up each morning with, just know that routinely ‘oh oh oh’ to Jiaoji Sheng, an egg, even completed the day’s work.But, you know how I do it?Every day, I am flesh from his body down, I use every day to do things their own way in life!How do the two of us split the?Although I am a pig, but I’m not a fool ah!”Words of wisdom: in reality our work, we will encounter two people.Kind of person that simply work as a routine task, like chicks.And a man who work as their own careers, to run Yongming, responsible for their own life every minute, just like the story of the pig as.To work as their own careers, business people with their lives, is it not seriously live each day of their own, responsible for their own life it!Opportunities for those intentions and prepared, and seriously with people in their own lives to pay.